Project Description

This project focuses on creating a Cyber-Security Training website, specifically geared towards teaching 3rd to 6th graders about Cyber-Security. Our approach was to create a kid friendly website based around a game we developed. The game includes three different levels, each of the levels being centered on different Cyber-Security themes, with lessons that progressively become more advanced. After every level, the user is prompted to complete a quiz on that lesson. Once the quiz is complete, the user moves to the next level. Our goal is for the users to gain an increased awareness and enhanced knowledge about Cyber-Security once they are done with the game.

Project Roles:

-Project Manager (Gurleen):

Gurleen is in charge of managing and maintaining all project information, so all meeting notes, and minutes are recorded by him. Meeting with the customer throughout the project and getting feedback on the content and requirements is also something handled by the Project Manager. In addition to this, Gurleen will compile and create the project portfolio.

-Content and Development Leaders (Abdullahi and Chelsea):

Abdullahi is in charge of designing the three lesson plans for our game. Creating the lessons includes finding and researching appropriate subject matter that fits with the age group we are focusing on (3rd-6th graders). Abdullahi will also be providing support with development of the website.

Chelsea is in charge of implementing the training content into the game itself. Her duties include researching and determining the feasibility of the project and developing the website itself. Additionally, Chelsea will be overseeing design of the website as well as managing nuances of UX and usability. Chelsea will also be providing support with development of the content in the lessons.

Project Requirements

The main project requirement for this project was for us to create an educational web-based training on the topic of Cyber-Security. Our client, Aubrey Buerstatte, gave us the project requirements to follow. Aubrey is an Elementary School teacher who helped us narrow our audience of 3rd to 6th graders. We developed a list of requirements to achieve our goals. These include:

  • Create and develop a fully functioning website in a game/quiz format
  • 10 web-pages: (home, game x 3, quiz x 3, review, resources, contact)
  • Horizontal scroll-based game
  • Easy-to-follow story-line
  • Quizzes
  • Navigation between all pages


  • Topics in cyber-security
  • Kid friendly and appropriate content


  • Bright and colorful palette
  • Large and bold text
  • Interactive
  • Easy navigation across pages

Functional Requirement

  1. A lesson content that is accessible in any form
  2. A front page that will introduce the website and its function
  3. Develop an interactive web-game
  4. A set of quizzes that will challenge the knowledge of the user
  5. A website with a linear flow of navigation
  6. The web-game must be able to check if all the lesson checkpoints have been opened by the user
  7. The quizzes must have a score limit before the user can progress in the web-game
  8. The quizzes must let the user know which answers they got wrong
  9. The quizzes must allow the user to retake their quiz
  10. The web-game must let the user know their progress during the web-game
  11. The website must congratulate the user when they complete the lessons
  12. The website must provide a list of resources that was used in the development
  13. The website must provide a means of communication to the development team
  14. The website must provide a tutorial or lesson introduction before the web-game starts

Non-Functional Requirements

  1. Develop lessons in which the content, language, and delivery is appropriate to the age and learning skill level of the target audience
  2. Develop a website with bright colors and large text
  3. Create bold visuals that is appealing to children

User Requirements

  1. Reference the course content from reputable sites such as the FBI and Common Sense Education
  2. Cyber-bullying must be part of the lesson